About West East Designs

From the West to the East

About West East Designs

Logo for West East Designs: a compass shape with the cardinal directions W and E prominently displayed on either side.

West East Designs is a female-owned studio, shop and small business that specializes in multimedia and graphic design.

In 2003, we launched in California and are now based in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

In the beginning, West East Designs was established to provide graphics, photography, marketing, merchandise, and web design for an independent music label and musicians. Soon the clientele extended beyond the music industry and included various small businesses, realtors, political parties, and people hosting all kinds of events.

The West East Designs studio has expanded greatly over the years into an efficient remote workplace, including state of the art equipment, current industry-standard programs, reliable product vendors, and a distraction-free environment. Our new location is a wonder of endless inspiration, nestled within a beautiful state park.

Staying up-to-date on current trends and technologies satisfies an unwavering passion to learn something new every day. Curiosity brings out creativity and helps discover new skills to offer the world, such as developing sound designs with binaural beats and nature recordings for meditation, or building custom interactive graphics for streamers.

In summary, we design to help others shine their unique light on the world. We aim to direct attention in the right direction.

About the Owner

Carrie Thomas of West East Designs

Hello, I’m Carrie Thomas; graphic artist and owner of West East Designs.

The experience I have gained from over two decades of creating effective designs has made me my clients’ secret weapon against their competitors.

I enjoy helping others establish their visual voice (with branding, logos, and other bespoke graphics) and apply it to develop print and digital designs that are memorable and authentic. My specialty is in user-centric design, weaving together engaging images, color, and typography to reach the target audience in a meaningful way.

If you already like your branding, we can take it to the next level with business cards, letterhead, advertisements, social media artwork, product packaging, and custom merchandise (your logo/idea on t-shirts, coffee mugs and more) to make your brand stand out from the rest. 

I love creating solutions with graphic design for musicians, social media influencers, realtors, presentations, weddings, nightclubs, festivals, and other events. I’m excited to discover what I can create for you!

Contact me today and let’s begin turning your idea into a success!